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We provide a full range of Consulting Services for various areas in Automotive


>>> ECU Software Development


We support developing AUTOSAR software components and BSW configuration for OEMs and Suppliers, MCAL development and Integration support for Chip manufacturers.

Experience in Vector, Electrobit and ARCCore Tools for AUTOSAR

-> Adaptive AUTOSAR

We support developing Adaptive Applications and custom application services and SOME/IP IPC service configuration for Adaptive applications.

We support developing BSP for Adaptive Platforms

We support configuring and developing Adaptive Diagnostics (using DEXT)for ECUS running Adaptive Platforms.

-> ISO 26262 Migration and Implementation

With our extensive experience in defining safety cases for many critical projects, we can support our clients to create software that is complient to ISO26262 (By performing FMEA and defining various ASIL levels for their software)

Support for QAC tools like Polyspace.

>>> Verification & Validation

We support Our Clients through out the V cycle at different levels of verification and software validation

We support tools like Tessy, Reactis, TPT for Unit testing and Integration testing

>>> Measurement & Calibration

We support developing new vehicle interfaces and creating configurations for ADTF based vehicle measurement systems for OEMs with the help of our German partners

>>> Vehicle Network Protocol Software & Diagnostics

We provide the following ready to use stacks that can be easily customized for various ECU Hardware architectures





• Flex ray

• j1939



>>> Function development

• We support OEMs and suppliers for function development

• Rapid Control Prototyping

• Software design and implementation

• Verification and validation

• Vehicle testing and data acquisition

>>> Model based development

• Function development from requirements

• Reverse engineering: To modify the existing functionalities and implement new functions from legacy code.

• We have our own development process that can be directly used by the customers and customized for their projects.

• We provide consulting services in setting up MBD tool chain for OEMs and suppliers.

>>> HIL setup and testing services

• Identifying tool chain, HIL simulator configuration and IO boards required to setup HIL system.

• based on the type of ECU (Worked on dSpace HIL systems)

• Defining step by step process to setup complete HIL environment for Power train and Body control ECUs.

• HIL Testing and test automation using python to perform functional testing, diagnostic testing and calibration testing.

• Automated real time HIL testing using python.

• Testing electrical failures on all the I/O channels.

• Vehicle Bypass testing support using XCP

>>> ECU virtualization

• We support projects where multiple OS are required to be run on hypervisors like XEN and QNX.

• We have inhouse solutions for Deploying Classic and ADAPTIVE AUTOSAR (Linux/QNX)on hypervisors

• We have solutions to support Docker containers on Telematics and HMI ECUs where the scalability of applications is very much important to maintain product Agility.

>>> Next generation ECU Platforms

• We support Vehicle Automation technology projects.

• We provide solutions for Camera based HD map Generation for self driving vehicles. Systems for SLAM.

• Traffic Situation Management using various perception algorithms.

• We Provide solutions for ECUs with hardware accelerators like GPUs and FPGAs. OPEN CL, CuDA etc.